“American Sniper” Review

american-sniperAmerican Sniper is directed by Clint Eastwood and stars Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller. The movie is based on the book of the same name and is about Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, a sniper who saved the lives of many, making him a military legend, but it is the things he couldn’t do that end up staying with him.

This was a highly anticipated film for me, mainly because of its phenomenal trailer and its astonishing six Academy Award nominations, and it did reach most of my expectations.

Bradley Cooper is amazing in this movie and worthy of the Best Actor Nomination, and he transforms as Chris Kyle. I truly felt the pain in his character through everything, as well as the passion he has for his country.

Sienna Miller was also very good as Kyle’s wife, Taya. What this movie really did well was show the problems in the family life of Chris Kyle and Taya due to what he had faced in the war.

My favorite scenes were when he was off the battlefield and had to face conflicts within himself, contrary to many. The direction by Clint Eastwood was also very well done, and he does a nice job with the source material.

While all the action scenes were done very well, at some times they did feel tedious and repetitive. The movie does also glorify war a bit too much but makes up for it with the conflicts faced outside the battles.

The film does have its scenes of strong emotion, but they never appear to hit as hard as the movie wants them to. There are also inaccuracies when comparing to the true story, most to make Chris Kyle more of a glorified man than he really was, but in terms of making a coherent story, the film does a nice job.

Overall, American Sniper was a well directed, well shot, and excellently acted movie, specifically from Bradley Cooper. The movie manages to hit on some of the real struggles of PTSD, but while also keeping Navy SEAL Chris Kyle’s image nearly spotless, for better or for worse.Badge-8.5

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