“Central Intelligence” Review

central-intelligenceCentral Intelligence is directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber and stars Kevin Hart and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The movie is about two old high school friends who reunite and end up having to team up and combine their abilities in order to take down the person known as the Black Badger.

This was a movie that I just wanted to laugh in; I wasn’t expecting all that much and hoped to be pleasantly surprised. What is clear from start to finish is the electric chemistry between Kevin Hart and The Rock. These two work beautifully off of each other, as both of their characters compliment one another, and the moments between these two are by far the highlights of this film.

Hart plays more of the straight man in this movie, which is something I certainly didn’t expect, and I thought he did it very well, bringing a reasonable blend of comedy and seriousness.

The Rock is definitely the star of this movie, bringing the majority of the laughs and using his charisma to make this character incredibly entertaining, but he also brings some of the more emotional scenes to life, as does Hart.

While this movie is certainly a comedy first, it is the deeper themes that I enjoyed even more than the jokes. There are important ideas about bullying, moving on from high school, and friendship that I thought were handled incredibly well for a movie that is supposed to be a stupid comedy, and I give the credit to director Rawson Marshall Thurber for making it work.

The actual comedy is pretty hit or miss here, with the success rate being around fifty percent, which I guess is fine considering how bad some comedies are these days.

There are things to like about Central Intelligence, but the plot is not one of them. The storyline is way too confusing for a simple movie like this, with too many badgers, too many conflicting stories, and too little care from my perspective. I just want to laugh in a movie like this, and I got that in moments, but the film did lose its way whenever the story went forward.

Overall, Central Intelligence has a fantastic duo in Johnson and Hart, some solid comedy and important messages about bullying. While the plot is very messy and the jokes are not always hitting, I had a good time with this movie, and would love to see any projects with these two actors in the future.Badge-6

What did you think of Central Intelligence? Comment below with what you think.

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