“Absolutely Fabulous”: Absolutely Awful

absolutely-fabulousAbsolutely Fabulous: The Movie is directed by Mandie Fletcher and stars Jennifer Saunders, Joanna Lumley, and Julia Sawalha. The movie is based on the popular British show, “Absolutely Fabulous,” and is about two women who are forced to go on the run after accidentally pushing Kate Moss into a river.

A disclaimer before I start this review, I have never seen a single episode of the TV show this movie is based on. Therefore, my review has nothing to do with comparing the film to the show, but simply on how I felt about the film itself.

The Good

I was not excited at all to see this film, in fact, I thought the trailer looked painfully unfunny and the only reason I saw this movie at all is because I got a free screening for it, but hey, maybe I’ll be surprised?

For positives, it’s hard to find any, but I do have to say the chemistry between the two leads is certainly the best part of the film. Even if I have no experience with the TV show, it is clear that these two work very well off each other, and have a great time doing it.

I did find myself chuckling with a few jokes here and there and there are some cameos, specifically one from Jon Hamm that I found truly funny, and for the first act of this movie I was having a much better time than I had expected.

The Bad

After the first act of the movie, however, the entire being of this movie became increasingly stale. Whether it is the characters, the jokes, the plot, or anything else, I found little to nothing good in the last hour of this film. The comedy that somewhat worked early on became significantly more annoying as the film progressed, and it quite honestly started to give me a headache.

Jennifer Saunders may star in a very popular TV show, but as the lead in this movie, she is borderline unwatchable. Her jokes fall flat, her character is too mean to root for, and I found her actions neither enjoyable nor interesting.

Joanna Lumley is the better of the two main women, as she got a decent amount of chuckles out of me, but she is also way too one-dimensional and unlikeable to be rooting for. Maybe on TV it’s okay to be complete bitches, especially when you’re funny in the process, but these two are incredibly cruel and, for the most part, incredibly unfunny, making for a putrid combination.

The plot is preposterous so it’s not even worth going into, just know that if you are not a fan of the source material this is based on, then Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie will feel like anything but absolutely fabulous.


I knew going in that I am the exact opposite of the target audience this film is going for, but that is no excuse to make a truly horrible movie. Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie has a couple laughs, but is mostly annoying, senseless, and, to put it simply, just plain mean. I hated the lead characters and I hoped for them to fail in their plan every step of the way. I cannot recommend Absolutely Fabulous: The Movie to anyone, as I had a pretty miserable time sitting through it.


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Have you seen the show, “Absolutely Fabulous”? If so, what did you think of this movie? Comment below with what you thought.

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