Is “Ghostbusters” as Bad as They Say?


Ghostbusters is written and directed by Paul Feig and stars Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, and Chris Hemsworth.  The movie is about four women who come together in order to stop a massive invasion of ghosts from taking over Manhattan, and then the world.

The Good

I was incredibly excited to see this movie just so I could actually talk about it because this film has been nothing but attacked from its very first trailer.  I didn’t hate the first trailer as much as most of the world, and I enjoyed some of the later ones that were released, so I put my trust in Paul Feig that he could make this reboot work very successfully.  The cast of comedic actresses had to work in order for this movie to succeed, and, for the most part, they do.

Melissa McCarthy is my favorite character in the film, as she gives her best performance since her Oscar-nominated one in Bridesmaids.  McCarthy is funny without going way over the top, and she is the most serious member of the group, and I thought she blended comedy with science and drama incredibly well.

Kristen Wiig is also good in her role, being very funny and having terrific chemistry with the group, specifically with McCarthy.

Kate McKinnon was a bit more hit or miss as I felt she went over the top in a few scenes, but she also brings some of the biggest laughs in the film, so overall the pros outweighed the cons, and she did a solid job.

Leslie Jones was the weakest of the four, with much less of her comedy paying off, but I can’t say she was all that bad, just lesser by comparison.  The four may have all had their moments, but it is their excellent chemistry between them that drives a lot of the important scenes home.

While all four of the ladies work great together, Chris Hemsworth may have brought the most humor of anyone with his role as the dimwitted assistant.  Hemsworth may have been overdoing it, but I didn’t care because of how funny it was, so credit to him for really bringing the comedic chops.  The film is visually great as well, with each ghost coming to life with vivid colors and excellent use of CGI.

Though there were many moments of comedy that did work, there were also quite a few duds of jokes throughout this movie.  All comedies will have those, but this movie has quite a few of them, with many jokes just being too silly to work.  Too silly is a major issue this film has, as it never knows if it should take itself seriously or not.

The Bad

Paul Feig is a terrific comedic director, but this is not his best work, as he relies heavily on the talent of the four leading ladies instead of making them a better storyline to work with.  The plot isn’t bad, but it also is somewhat messy and problematic.  The finale of this film is decent for the most part, especially in one scene involving a legitimate fight between the ghosts and the Ghostbusters.  However, the conclusion never created any sort of real tension that it needed to be great.  There are moments here and there that I liked and that I hated, but the one that really did not work for me was the government involvement.

All this storyline does is give the Ghostbusters limitations in a way that is preposterous, and it didn’t get a single laugh out of me.  There are cameos and callbacks to the 1984 original, and some of them were funny, but all in all I found them unnecessary.  Unrelated to the review, but the Fall Out Boy song made for this movie is garbage, absolute garbage.


Ghostbusters needed big performances from its four leads to survive, and that’s what it got.  The four comedic women work incredibly well together, as does Hemsworth, and the acting and solid visual effects singlehandedly make this movie entertaining.  There are certainly flaws in its storytelling, and there are many jokes and side plot lines that don’t work all that well, but I had a good time with the new Ghostbusters movie, and it certainly doesn’t deserve the hate that it is surely about to receive.  It may not live up to the original, but as its own movie, Ghostbusters has enough on the table to be an enjoyable time at the theater.


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What did you think of the new Ghostbusters?  Comment below with what you thought.

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