“Bad Moms”: A Vulgar Good Time

Bad Moms trailer

Bad Moms is written and directed by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore and stars Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Kathryn Hahn, and Christina Applegate. The movie is about a trio of moms who fight back against a crazy PTA leader by going against the social norm and becoming bad moms.

I didn’t expect all that much coming into this film, but I was hopeful that a female-led comedy like this one could succeed on its own.

The Good

The performances from all of the main ladies are great in this movie, but Mila Kunis is definitely the shining star. Kunis is consistently funny and is the most relatable mom of the cast. It is easy to understand her character’s choices, and I think Kunis did an excellent job in this movie.

Kristen Bell and Kathryn Hahn were both also great in their supporting roles, as they delivered more of the comedic aspects to this movie. Hahn as the incredibly rude single mother worked very well, as did Bell as the stay at home mother of four, and I really enjoyed what all three of the lead ladies brought to the table.

While all three are great individually, it is their excellent chemistry that makes this movie as funny as it is. The way all three are so different, yet share many of the same issues are what drives the premise of this film home, and I thought it worked excellently both comically and dramatically.

Speaking of drama, there are some really solid moments throughout this film that made me incredibly sympathetic to mothers everywhere and made me understand what it is that they exactly go through. Directors Lucas and Moore really do a nice job at implementing important ideas along with the comedy in this film to make Bad Moms a smarter film than I ever thought it would be.

The comedy works as well as the drama for the most part, as seeing a mom being so vulgar and rude is hilarious to start with. However, the jokes are very clever and had me laughing the vast majority of the time.

The Bad

This movie isn’t always laugh-out-loud hilarious. There are scenes here and there that really didn’t work for me, specifically scenes involving Christina Applegate and her crew. I don’t think Applegate was bad at all in this movie, I actually quite liked her performance, but the scenes involving her character never felt as funny as they should have been, and instead of being a hysterical villain, she was kind of just mean.

The film also gets pretty repetitive in its storytelling, with constant slow motion scenes of girls having fun with a Top 40 hit in the background. This may sound specific, but there’s about a dozen of those scenes throughout the film, and it becomes increasingly dull as the movie reaches its conclusion.

The conclusion gets pretty cheesy, as it felt pretty rushed together and uninteresting. The end is one of those that just feels way too perfectly wrapped up in a bow, and I don’t think it needed to be.


Bad Moms is a very funny film with solid performances from all the lead females, and it still manages to get important ideas of what it means to be a mother involved in the plot. Not every scene is a home run, and the end could have been better, but for a film that probably wasn’t made for me, I had a good time watching Bad Moms and recommend it for a solid time at the theaters.Badge-7

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