“Suicide Squad” SPOILER Review

suicide-squad-reviewWARNING: This review is for those who have already seen Suicide Squad, or do not mind having the entire film spoiled for them. I will be talking about specific moments in the plot, including the villain, some story elements, and the ending, you have been warned. You can find the spoiler-free review here.

As I made very clear in my spoiler-free review, I am not happy with the way Suicide Squad turned out. The film failed on numerous levels, and while I assume a lot of the blame falls into Warner Brothers’ laps, there is no excuse to put out a movie this unpolished. So, on that note, I am going to breakdown this movie piece by piece and tell you guys even more specifically the things I liked, the things I didn’t, and ways that I think this film could be drastically improved.

The movie starts off with Viola Davis’ character, Amanda Waller, talking at a dinner where she discusses the backstories of each member of this eventual group of villains. While I certainly liked seeing Deadshot’s origins, and some of the scenes were pretty enjoyable, I feel a lot of the runtime was wasted going through every single bad guy’s upbringing. Along with that, there’s definitely better ways to quickly show some background. Putting quick clips into an intro or spacing out flashbacks during the plot are ways to make these backstories feel much less forced. When it is Davis telling us everything we need to know about these characters, it feels very unnatural.

From there, we get what is legitimately the best chunk of the entire film, and that is the build up and creation of the actual squad. This is what I wanted the whole film to be like, as we get the best of Will Smith, Margot Robbie, and the whole crew while they are all being assembled into one group.

Along with that, we get a little bit of Jared Leto’s Joker performance mixed in. Now, as I said in my first review I thought Leto’s performance was simply okay, but I also think that the film gave Leto way too little screen time to really get his character going. I think that Leto could be a very good Joker if he gets the chance, but the way he is used in this movie makes him feel incredibly unneeded and forced into the film. Leto either needed significantly more screen time and a bigger role in the plot, or he needed to be removed from the film entirely, but as it stands, it feels like we see more of his text messages than his face, and that is not right.

After the crew is assembled and we are revealed that the villain in this movie will be Enchantress, played by Cara Delevingne, and I will just start off by saying I am sure that Miss Delevingne is a lovely person, but holy shit, she is simply atrocious in the role of Enchantress. As June Moone aka the human form of Enchantress, no problems at all, but once that goes away it is constant garbage every time she is on screen. Whether it be her incredibly awful line delivery, her lack of a scary presence, or her weird hula dance she does while she talks, there is nothing to like about this villain, and she is the biggest failure of the entire movie, which is saying something.

Moving on from the villain, there is so much wrong with the last two acts of this film that it’s almost amazing that this thing was even released seeing how unpolished it truly is. While I can pick out two fight scenes that I legitimately liked, one being Deadshot taking out a slew of the enemy and the other being the fight in the building that leads to Diablo erupting, every other fight scene feels very bland and uninspired.

What I liked the most in these last two acts are the quick moments where the members of the squad start to show some team chemistry. Whether this is through working together in a fight or from joking around in a bar, these were the moments that I wanted to see all along, it’s just a shame that they feel few and far between.

Let’s just go quickly through the cast of the Squad so I can say my opinions of each of them. Will Smith as Deadshot is easily the best part of the film, and he is the character with the most backstory, while also being the most enjoyable to watch.

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn is simply okay in my opinion. Her scenes with Joker are fun and there are times where her insanity role is comical and effective, but also times where it feels forced and in the way of the story.

Jai Courtney is funny as Captain Boomerang, and I thought Jay Hernandez was solid as Diablo, but I was not a fan of Killer Croc or Katana in this film. While they weren’t terrible, the few seconds that both of them seemingly have on screen are kind of weird and not very well done, so they always just feel like background characters that needed to be there for comic book accuracy.

Let’s talk about parts of the story that don’t make sense, shall we? First off, who in their right mind would let Harley Quinn have her phone back during this mission? Her ability to communicate with Joker is incredibly dumb, and it definitely could have been done better. Enchantress and her brother’s powers seem very random and sporadic, and their plan even more so. What’s their goal? Why are they even evil? What do they plan to do once they are done? Nothing is explained, and even if Delevingne knocked her performance out of the park, her character would still be bland and have no real motivations.

Another problem I had is that it feels like there is no real danger at any moment. Since there are no humans on screen in the city after a single attack in a subway, and the fact that the villains stay in one place with that weird gravity thing the whole time, this feels like a one on one fight with zero stakes whatsoever. To go along with this, I never thought Joker was dead, I never thought Viola Davis was dead, I never thought anyone important was dead ever, and that is sad in a movie that supposedly has its characters on a “suicide” mission.

Let’s just get to the end, which also was simply not good. Featuring unnecessary slow motion, an ability by Diablo that, while cool, comes out of nowhere and has no lead-up to it at all, and way too much Enchantress for my liking, this is not the ending I could have ever wanted. The only moment I sort of liked was Deadshot’s moral conflict on if he should shoot, but even that doesn’t make that much sense because obviously he should just freaking shoot her. What’s worse, after Enchantress is MURDERED, like DEAD, June Moone just sheds through PERFECTLY FINE with no explanation because this movie’s goal was to be as messy and nonsensical as possible, apparently.

Look, Suicide Squad was my most anticipated film of the last half of this year, so don’t say that I was looking to bag on this movie coming in. I wanted to love this film so badly, but the muddled storyline, terrible villain, lack of sense or stakes, and lack of much interesting at all makes this easily the most disappointing movie this year. One of the only good things to come from this movie was the soundtrack. The way the music was edited into the movie was awful, seeing as they played nearly 10 songs in the opening scene, but the songs alone are good. Take a look at the soundtrack below: 

Between this and Batman v Superman, I think I like BvS more, and I did not like that movie much at all, so that’s saying something. Suicide Squad is not a good movie, and while I think Warner Bros should stop sticking their fingers into directors’ works, there’re no excuses to put out a film this unfinished to someone who has been waiting so long to see it. DC has shot themselves in the foot twice this year, and it looks more and more like their choice to rush ahead their DCU to catch up with Marvel was not only a poor decision, but a catastrophically bad one.

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