“Sausage Party”: Smart and Vulgar Fun

sausage-partySausage Party is directed by Greg Tiernan and Conrad Vernon and stars Seth Rogen, Kristen Wiig, Michael Cera, Jonah Hill, and many many others. The movie is about a hot dog named Frank who discovers the harsh truth about what happens to food once they leave the supermarket.

I was incredibly excited to see this movie for multiple reasons. For one, I love the cast, and the trailers that have come out have all looked hysterical. I also was excited to see a rated-R Pixar-style animation, so I was incredibly hopeful that this would be a bright spot in this very dull summer of movies.

The Good

This movie from the opening shot is vulgar as hell, and that is a good thing. This is an idea that needs to be hostile to be as funny as possible, and man does it deliver. From the swearing to drugs to everything in between, this movie is brutal, but also truly hilarious.

The cast is too massive to name here, but there are certainly some standouts. Seth Rogen is terrific as Frank, bringing his typical style of humor, but also adding some important themes into the mix. You heard that right, a movie called Sausage Party brings some real life themes, but I will get to those later.
Along with Rogen, I found Michael Cera and Jonah Hill very funny as the supporting weenies, with each bringing comedy in the ways they do best. Bill Hader is excellent in his role, as is Craig Robinson, Paul Rudd, Edward Norton, and basically every single supporting member. Each of these vastly talented people works fantastically together, and they legitimately transform into these different goods.

If I were to pick a standout, I’d say it was Nick Kroll as The Douche. That is not me insulting him, by the way, he plays a literal douche, but it is Kroll who I was worried about early on, but he ended up being one of the funniest characters in the entire film.

The way that the writing is done in this movie is so excellently crafted to create some of the funniest moments in movies all year, but while also getting a very touchy subject across. We will start with the comedy, with most of it being vulgar food puns and very stereotypical jokes, but each of those things is consistently hilarious. I would say there are at least four or five scenes that had me gut busting laughing, especially the finale, which of course I won’t spoil, just wow.

The comedy was something I expected, what I did not expect was just how smart this film really is. The allusions to religion become very obvious as the film continues, and I truly think that it is handled in a brilliant way, one that may offend some, but also one that is masterfully executed from start to finish.

The Bad

While I loved that Sausage Party had deeper themes, it may have been a bit on the nose. I think some subtlety to the religious ties could have dug the point home, but at some points I found myself thinking that they were slightly overdoing it on the concepts.

The humor may be incredibly effective for the most part, but it is basically the same joke for the entire runtime, so a few of the gags towards the end felt a bit tired after hearing so many of them.

I also found the pacing to be a bit off, with there being occasional lapses of comedy in order to build the world. I get that some world building had to be done, but sometimes I just wanted the movie to move a bit faster.


Sausage Party is one of the few films this summer to actually deliver what it promises. Seth Rogen does it again as this is him in his mastery, and it is done beautifully. The animation is excellent, the comedy is brilliantly vulgar, and the fact that after all the profanity there can be a profound message is truly exceptional. I loved Sausage Party, and recommend it to anyone looking for a laugh in this dismal summer season.

Badge-8.5Red Band Trailer (NSFW)

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What did you think of Sausage Party? Comment below with what you thought.


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