“Michael Moore in TrumpLand”: Comedic, Informative, but Biased

michael-moore-in-trumpland-copyMichael Moore in TrumpLand” is a documentary by Michael Moore in which Moore goes to Wilmington, Ohio in order to do stand up trying to citizens to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Michael Moore is one of the more polarizing filmmakers out there, and from what I heard, this was a film that he made in a very short time span, so I kept my expectations low and hoped to get some of Moore’s humor and insight in this movie.

The Good

Michael Moore brings some solid comedy throughout this stand-up, with most of his jokes hitting relatively well. His commentary on both candidates was, in my opinion, pretty fair, and Moore does his best to hold his bias back in order to get his point out to people of all ideologies, and that was surprising for me to see.

This film isn’t as much anti-Trump as it is pro-Hillary Clinton, and that is a move that is one that is much harder to pull off, at least to the general audience. My views aside, Hillary Clinton is pretty hated by many many people, as is Mr. Trump, so for Moore to not take the easy road and to really try to bring home Clinton as a solid presidential candidate was a bold move, but one that I think paid off for him in the long run.

Doing the entire show in Wilmington, Ohio added an interesting twist to Moore’s stand up, as it was fun to see how a mixed group of liberals and conservatives would react to Moore, an obviously democratic persona. Whether through the craft of editing or from Moore actually pulling it off, most of the humor did land with the audience, as it did with me.

The Bad

As much as Michael Moore means well, much of what he says does come off very biased to the left, with some of his statements sounding as if he’s preaching to a choir of only the largest of liberals. This mostly rings true with how easily he shrugs off many of the negatives associated with Mrs. Clinton as if they are nearly meaningless while pointing out her pros as if she’s our next savior. This is coming from a liberal perspective, just so we are clear.

I also would have appreciated if more time and craft was put into this Michael Moore doc, as it is clear that Moore just wanted this thing out as fast as possible. With minor editing done and only one real cut away from the actual stand up show, Moore wanted this message out so that it could have some impact on the presidential race, but the documentary does suffer because of this.


“Michael Moore in TrumpLand” offers some interesting insight to this garbage shoot of a presidential race by coming off less biased than usual, and avoiding the easy shots of Trump and instead of reaching for reasons to vote for the first female presidential candidate. While there is not all that much to it at a brisk 73 minutes, and a little more time could have helped make this doc something more, but for what it is, “TrumpLand” infuses comedy and information well to be a decently enthralling documentary from Michael Moore.Badge-7

Buy the film here:  “Michael Moore in TrumpLand” here (Check local listings for 


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