2016 Top Ten: Disappointing Movies – Ryan

While I struggled with finding movies that I considered surprises, there were many movies that left me disappointed in 2016.  So, with that being said, here are my choices for the top ten disappointments from the past year.

Top 10 Disappointments


10.) “The Secret Life of Pets”

While this isn’t a movie I would consider a total disappointment, I felt it was lacking. In comparison to its better executed counterpart, “Zootopia”, this seems to be analogous to the night-and-day difference between “Creed” and “Southpaw” from 2015. Just as “Southpaw” had the potential to be a great boxing movie, “The Secret Life of Pets” had the potential to be a funny, enjoyable animation about talking animals. Unfortunately, it was kicked to the curb and rendered irrelevant due to “Zootopia” being everything this movie needed to be and then some.



9.) “Warcraft”

“Warcraft” NEEDED to be good. It seemingly single-handedly held the fate of the video game movie concept on its back, and it needed to pull its weight. It didn’t. Even with Duncan Jones directing, who has created gems like “Moon” (2009) and “Source Code” (2011), this film could not come close to succeeding. It may fulfill its box office goal through its cult following overseas, but this was a bad movie. There was certainly hope for it, but it fell into the long laundry list of poor movies based off video games. If this is a microcosm of how this concept will go over the years, I hope, for our sake, they stop trying.



8.) “Loving”

I will start by saying that “Loving” is a good movie. However, I felt it was certainly disappointing, or at least underwhelming. Critics have raved about this movie for months, and it has been in Best Picture talks since the beginning of the year, as have the performances of Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga for acting nominations. I loved the trailer, and was immediately excited for the extremely powerful, moving story that it was about to convey. But I never got that. I didn’t get any extremely powerful or extremely moving moments. I did not feel anywhere near the emotion I wanted to, and the emotion that I felt would be prominent from such an intense and disheartening story. I felt they missed the mark with this one, while still producing a decent movie, making it #8 on my list.



7.) “Deadpool”

This is probably my most unpopular choice for one of my biggest disappointments of 2016. People loved “Deadpool”, I just didn’t. I loved the trailers, loved how it was marketed, I was all in, and then I saw it, and I was let down. It was what I wanted in that it was an unconventional superhero movie, but I felt like the majority of the humor did not land for me, and this is what I wanted most out of it. The cheesy jokes felt way too robotic and… well, cheesy. I was upset that I felt more uncomfortable from the humor, rather than laughing at it.



6.) “Morgan”

Oh, “Morgan”… ugh. I thought “Morgan” was going to be good.  I thought it would be a lesser version of “Ex Machina” from 2015. Instead, It would be an insult to put “Morgan” in the same sentence as Alex Garland’s film. “Morgan” had a great first trailer, was marketed nearly perfectly, and had enough good things going for it that I had real hope for it, and I thought it for sure wouldn’t be horrible. It proved me wrong. “Morgan” was horrible. With action sequences flooded with enough cuts to give you a headache, and constant nonsensical plot turns, “Morgan” was laughable.



5.) “Sully”

“Sully” left me with a blank feeling when I left the theater, and I was extremely disappointed by it. For this one, I use “Deepwater Horizon” as a comparison, which I felt hit all the notes that “Sully” didn’t. Tom Hanks was great, as usual, but “Sully”, like “Loving”,had the potential to be so much more powerful than it was, and I expected it to have a lasting impact that it simply didn’t. I felt the movie as a whole was decent, but was very disappointing due to my expectations.



4.) “Hail, Caesar!”

The Coen brothers are usually fantastic, and they made a movie in “Hail, Caesar!” that I was excited for from the trailer, and got very good reviews, but I just don’t get where those reviews are coming from. I felt it was extremely dull, let alone confusing. With a great cast, and the fantastic Coen brothers behind the camera, I thought this had some real early year potential, and it turned out to be a big disappointment.



3.) “The Accountant”

“The Accountant” was one of my most anticipated movies of 2016, especially after a great trailer. While I felt Ben Affleck gave a pretty good performance, the movie lost all of its steam after the first 30 or so minutes. It was a mess. It branched off into side stories that seemed irrelevant and mostly didn’t follow through, nor have an impact on the main story, and it followed many movie clichés that really bothered me, especially the “twist” at the end that I predicted an hour earlier.



2.) “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”

I was extremely intrigued to see how this movie panned out, and I am not at all happy with how it was handled. I had some faith in Zack Snyder, but now I am very worried that “Justice League” is in his hands after the way he handled this thing. This movie was also a huge mess. And even worse, a mess that involved an enraged Batman killing people, which breaks the one and only rule that makes Batman, Batman. It seemed like this movie was such an obvious set up for “Justice League”, while I think at one point it wasn’t meant to be. I felt a lot of the decisions made were careless, and I really hope Snyder was just rushing getting this one done so he could focus on “Justice League”, because that would be the only excuse that would make up for this extremely disappointing mess of a movie.



1.) “Suicide Squad”

“Suicide Squad” was by far the most disappointing movie of the year for me. It was also by far my most anticipated of the year at the beginning of 2016, and boy, did it let me down. Talk about a mess, this movie defines “mess.” I felt like the only parts of this movie I liked were the first 15 minutes, and Deadshot. That’s it. I thought there were a few absolute throw away characters that had no impact on the movie whatsoever. There were numerous things that just made no sense. At times, the writing for this movie was absolutely laughable. Speaking of laughable, the villain… Wow. This movie was not fun, it was not exciting, it was not entertaining. As I said before, this was my most anticipated film of the year, and I didn’t see it until late December. If that doesn’t tell you how scared I was to be disappointed by it, I don’t know what does. I was actually scared to watch this movie, because of the things I had heard about it. And when I saw it, my heart sank with every cheesy joke, every plot inconsistency, and every irrelevant character. I thoroughly disliked this movie, and I am extremely saddened writing about “Suicide Squad” as my #1 most disappointing movie of 2016.

Do you agree? Disagree? What movies disappointed you in 2016?  Comment below with your thoughts.

Story by Ryan Flynn

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