2016 Top Ten: Best Moments – Ryan

Note: We only allowed ourselves to select one moment from each movie we saw in order to prevent the list becoming top-heavy with movies flooded with great moments.


Honorable Mentions

The Finale – “Sausage Party” – Speechless.

Opening Credits – “10 Cloverfield Lane” – Really enjoyed the opening credits of this movie, where our main character’s car was just hit, and the sound stopped and flashed over to the opening credits, and then back again. I loved it.

Opening Credits – “Deadpool” – Loved the creativity and the uniqueness out of this first scene. I wished I had enjoyed the rest of the movie as much as I enjoyed the first 5 minutes.

Top 10 Moments


10.) Airport Fight – “Captain America: Civil War”

This was one of the most fun scenes I have seen all year. This scene was just perfectly executed. The action here was perfectly shot, very well-choreographed, and the humor blended well, I loved how each character fell into their own niche. I think this was where audiences began to fall in love with Tom Holland as our new Spiderman, and became so excited for his solo movie. Unlike “Suicide Squad,” there were no throw away characters. Each person played a very drastic role, and you could even see how certain characters were fighting for different reasons than others.  This scene was magnificent. I enjoyed every second of it.



9.) The Possession – “The Witch”

I thought the young cast members in “The Witch” were impeccable, and this scene put their ability on full display. This scene involves the young boy in the movie being possessed, and it was very intense and haunting. I saw this movie over 11 months ago, and I still vividly remember this moment. That is the impact it left on me, it was absolutely chilling.



8.) Meeting Maui – “Moana”

I am not sure why, because I don’t think many people loved this scene, but I did. This is when Moana sails away from her island, and eventually runs into the island that Maui is inhabiting. Dwayne Johnson, as Maui, then performs “You’re Welcome,” one of my favorite songs from this movie, and the two eventually voyage together. I was extremely impressed by Dwayne Johnson in this movie, and I loved this song that he performed. I also loved the visuals that went with it, and this was just a really fun scene for me.



7.) First View – “Arrival”

With no exaggeration, my jaw dropped the first time Denis Villeneuve so beautifully showed the shell for the first time in Arrival. The shot that you see above matched with the incredible score by Jóhann Jóhannson made for a chilling moment for me. The shells were depicted in such an eerie way, and I absolutely loved it. From the moment I saw the shells, I was immediately interested in the rest of the movie, just because I was so intrigued. The massiveness of the simple, yet so complex shells put me in awe.



6.) Miscarriage Scene – “The Light Between Oceans”

I have been a huge fan of Alicia Vikander since “Ex-Machina,” last year, and then she won an Oscar for her performance in “The Danish Girl,” and she was spectacular in this movie as well, and in this scene in particular. This scene hit me so hard. Her performance, coupled with the score, the beautiful cinematography, and the emotional power that comes simply from an aspiring mother having a miscarriage just put this scene over the top. I rarely cry in movies, but I was choked up from this scene.



5.) The Explosion – “Deepwater Horizon”

I will remember this scene for a long time from “Deepwater Horizon.” When the massive oil rig exploded, I could feel the impact in my chest. I think this scene was executed perfectly. Visually, sonically, everything was extremely well done. It was even edited perfectly in that there would be an absence of sound at moments, and then very clear and powerful at other moments. Visually, it went from up close seeing the impact, to beautiful far shots of the rig in flames. This scene had me in awe for the duration of it.



4.) End Scene – “The Lobster”

For those that saw this movie, you probably know which moment I am talking about when I vaguely say “End Scene.” If not, I will tell you. This scene shows Colin Farrell go to the bathroom at a restaurant and hold a knife to his eye for a substantial amount of time. That is it. That is the shot. Colin Farrell’s character holding a knife to his eye. Just one very long take. But this scene was so suspenseful and gripping and had me on the edge of my seat. I loved the stillness and the one long take, and the message that it showed at the end of the film.



3.) Dinner Table – “Moonlight”

The power of this scene… Wow. This moment involves a conversation between Mahershala Ali’s character and young Shairon at the dinner table. After a yelling match with his mom, young Shairon asks the question “What’s a faggot?” Eventually this is followed by, “Am I a faggot?” This line has so much power because we know that Shairon is exhibiting some homosexual tendencies for his age, and you are seeing such a young boy discover things about himself after we can infer that his mom may have called him a “faggot.” The way this intensely powerful message was conveyed was so smart and subtle but beautiful.



2.) A Lovely Night – “La La Land”

This is the scene where Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone perform “A Lovely Night,” while tap dancing. This song put so much joy into my heart. I loved the music, the message of the music, I loved the dancing and singing by both talented actors, and I loved the choreography. I loved the view of the Los Angeles sunset in the background. I loved everything about this scene and I couldn’t help but have a smile on my face the entire time.



1.) The Flashback – “Manchester By The Sea”


If you have seen this movie, you know EXACTLY what I am talking about. Easily the most powerful and surprising scenes of the year, and one of the most powerful scenes I’ve ever witnessed in a theater. When I saw the house on fire, knowing that the children and his wife were in it, my heart sank, and my jaw dropped. I thought that alone was worthy of making the Top 5 of this list. And then, after the interrogation with the police officers, Casey Affleck’s character grabbed the gun from the holster of one of the officers, and tried to shoot himself in the head, to no avail, as the gun did not have bullets in it. This scene was absolutely and unbelievably perfect. I couldn’t imagine a way that this could have been better. After this scene, we as the audience FULLY understood why Casey Affleck’s character was so subdued and broken. After seeing what he has been through, we know that this character is an extremely hurt person, and for very good reason. THE scene in “Manchester By The Sea,” was by a long shot the best moment of the year for me.

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