“Logan Lucky”: Fun, but Flawed

Logan Lucky

“Logan Lucky” is directed by Steven Soderbergh and stars Channing Tatum, Adam Driver, Daniel Craig, and Riley Keough.  The film is about two brothers who make a plan to pull off a massive heist at a NASCAR race after one of the brothers gets laid off.

I was very excited to see this movie, as the trailers looked to have the right amount of dry humor mixed into a bizarre and original storyline, and I also love many of the people involved in the film, like Adam Driver and Daniel Craig.  So, I came in not really knowing exactly what to expect, but also with relatively high expectations.

The Good

The performances from the entire cast are terrific, with Daniel Craig shining above them all in his supporting role.  Craig is electric from the first time he is on screen, and is truly hysterical to watch, as he is the right amount of over the top for this movie.  Adam Driver and Channing Tatum are both equally great as the Logan brothers, as the two have surprisingly great chemistry with each other, and are also the right amount of off the wall strange that makes the film work.

This is a very well written film, as the script, and to whoever wrote it, I greatly appreciate it.  More than anything, “Logan Lucky” is a weird movie, and one that relies on a very original style of writing and very, very dry humor, but I think much of it is pulled off incredibly well, and it made for some impressively strong moments of comedy.

I found a lot of the humor attempted in this movie to work very well, as a mixture of strong writing and great performances makes for numerous highlight moments that had me bursting into laughter.  While it is hard to call this a pure comedy, as there are a lot of story elements that are working as a crime movie and a drama as well, but when coming down to the laughs, Steven Soderbergh and company make much of it work, especially when it comes to Craig’s character, Joe Bang.

The plot can be a bit confusing and muddy at points, but when it isn’t I found Soderbergh’s style to come through very well, as there are a few twists and turns in the story that I really enjoyed.  While much of this story is a bit over the top, I found there to be just enough explanation and understanding in a lot of what happens in the third act for me to believe what the movie is trying to portray, and that was all I needed in a film that had such great comedic elements to it.

The Bad

With that being said, however, when I say that the plot is a bit confusing, I mean that sometimes I have truly no idea what is going on.  Soderbergh appears to attempt to make everything very clear by the end of this movie, but I found a lot of the explanations to be futile and lackluster, and it still left me with numerous questions as to motives and character decisions.

Hilary Swank’s performance is completely fine for what it is, but she in this movie for such a short time that it feels as if Soderbergh forgot to add her character until the very final moments of editing.  Swank’s character does basically nothing and adds very little as far as information that I wish that her character was either rewritten or removed entirely to give more time to the characters that I already loved from the first two acts.

Nearly every big named actor is on top of their game in this film, but then there’s Seth McFarlane.  McFarlane, someone who I am a big fan of, is absolutely unbearable in this movie, as he does not give a single line that actually works as comedy.  He has this iffy accent that goes on and off, and he just comes off as an ass without ever being funny or witty in any sort of way, and I found his character to be nearly as unnecessary as Swank’s was.


There is a truly outstanding film somewhere with this concept, these performances, and this script, but “Logan Lucky” just slightly misses the mark, and is simply a fine movie instead.  Craig, Driver, and Tatum really give it their all, and there a lot of highlight moments, but the confusing plot, occasional lulls in the story, and dreadful performance by McFarlane drop this movie enough to leave me slightly disappointed with the end result.  “Logan Lucky” has a lot going for it, but I just couldn’t fall in love with everything that Soderbergh attempted here.


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What did you think of “Logan Lucky”?  Comment below with your thoughts.

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