“Geostorm” is its Own Disaster


“Geostorm” is directed by Dean Devlin and stars Gerard Butler, Jim Sturgess, Abbie Cornish, and Andy Garcia.  The film is about a new invention that is created to fix the world’s natural disasters, but once someone hacks the machine, the world begins to face some of the worst disasters imaginable, and it is up to the creator to figure out how to save humanity as they know it.

This movie looked terrible from its first trailer, and my expectations never went up from there.  Gerard Butler is film industry poison, and this is a first-time director, so my hopes for the film were rock bottom coming in.

The Good

The visual effects are, for the most part, pretty solid in this film. When the destruction ensues, it looks pretty cool, and it made for the most entertaining sequences in the movie.

Gerard Butler is serviceable in the lead role, as he manages to be inexplicably average from start to finish.  He has the occasional quip that made me chuckle, but for the most part, he is 100 percent totally okay, and yes, this is a pro for the movie.

The only legitimately fun moments in this film are when the movie doesn’t take itself seriously, and that happens most frequently when the film is set solely on the destruction.  I can turn my brain off for some cool shots of cities being taken out by tornadoes, but whenever the movie tries to be anything bigger, it falls apart, and in a pretty terrible way.

The Bad

“Geostorm” is boring, plain and simple.  There is way too much in the way of fun that feels so brutally overcomplicated, and it makes for a movie that is completely dry from start to finish.  There are only about four legitimate moments of destruction across a 110-minute “disaster” movie, and that is just unacceptable, especially when so much of the movie is so bland.

For how okay Butler is in the lead role, Jim Sturgess makes up for it with an absolutely dreadful performance as Butler’s brother, Max.  Sturgess is unintentionally annoying in every scene he is in, and his performance is completely overcooked, and he became a nuisance on the plot and on my brain as the film went forward.  Sturgess isn’t the only one who isn’t up to par, but he is easily the one who stood out the most for being truly terrible.

The plot matters very little in a movie this stupid, but the plot is still very predictable, and, even worse, is that the director thinks he is making smart moves.  These are rookie “twists” and turns in the plot that felt clichéd and obvious, and it makes it almost laughable that Dean Devlin thinks that he is doing something original with this storyline.

I can respect an anti-global warming message as much as anyone else, but not when it is done as poorly as it was here.  The message of fixing our problems by being better and not just with new technology is fair, but it also does not seem to be well followed whatsoever by the end of the movie.  Our world may be dying, but “Geostorm” isn’t the one to fix it, not even close.

The highlight, if you would call it that, of the film is when it seems to be ripping off the show “iCarly” of all things.  When that show, a kids show, did it, it seemed pretty stupid and laughable, so the fact that “Geostorm” does something eerily similar is absolutely hysterical, but not in a good way.


I don’t have all that much to say about “Geostorm,” because it was pretty much exactly what I expected it would be.  The visuals are occasionally neat, but the destruction happens so infrequently that I didn’t even have that much time to enjoy it.  Combine that with a brutally boring subplot, badly written characters, and a disaster of its own in Jim Sturgess, and you get a bad movie.  “Geostorm” is not good, but did you expect anything else?


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What did you think of “Geostorm”?  Comment below with your thoughts.

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