“Father Figures” is a Dumpster Fire with No Comedy and Terrible Drama

father figures

“Father Figures” is directed by Lawrence Sher and stars Ed Helms, Owen Wilson, and Glenn Close. The movie is about two brothers who go in search of their real father after their mother reveals to them that she lied about their father’s true identity for numerous years.

I didn’t have much excitement going into this movie, though I do like the two lead actors in Helms and Wilson, the premise just didn’t sound like it had all that much promise. The trailer certainly didn’t help improve my anticipation, so I came in hoping for Helms and Wilson’s comedic abilities to completely carry everything else within the film.

The Good

Literally only Owen Wilson and Ed Helms’ performances. These two really try their hardest to make the movie work from their sheer talent and charisma, but it is mostly without any success. Still, I do think Helms brings the most emotion possible with this movie, and Wilson brings as much humor as he can muster, so I have to give them credit for trying.

The Bad

This “comedy” is ridiculously unfunny, plain and simple. A movie with this style of concept should truly be made strictly to get the audience to laugh, but director Lawrence Sher and screenwriter Justin Malen combine to create very few moments for any sort of efforts at comedy, and whenever they are attempted, they fail, miserably. I don’t think I laughed more than twice from start to finish, and when your comedy is 113 freaking minutes, that is a damn tragedy.

Intentionally transitioning to my next point, why the hell is this movie 113 minutes. Comedies have a hard time going much longer than the typical hour-and-a-half, so the fact that Sher thinks he has such a gem that he can go over 20 minutes passed this threshold is cute, but terrible. This movie drags nearly as soon as it begins, and without strong comedy to fall back on, every punch the movie tries to throw fails, and it left me in excruciating misery in my seat.

The main problem with why this film sucks so bad is because of its’ extremely terrible attempts at trying to tug at the heartstrings. Nearly half of this comedy is meant to be sentimental and heartfelt, unlike what the trailer tried selling. Instead of being goofy and vulgar, there are quite a few moments where Helms, Wilson, and company have moments that are supposed to bring the brothers closer together or to connect to the family that they never had, and it all just made me vomit. None of these scenes work well at all despite the cast’s best efforts, and this is most painful at the end of the movie, where a big twist is revealed, and the whole film ended up sucking even harder than I could have ever imagined.


I don’t have much to say about it, but “Father Figures” is garbage. Wilson and Helms, I don’t really blame you two, but wow please go back to being a mediocre cinematographer Lawrence Sher, because this directing thing is not for you. This comedy fails at being even remotely funny, and the shotty dramatic moments only add to the fire. Combine that with a storyline that takes awful twists and turns and a runtime that overstays its welcome by a half hour, and you get “Father Figures,” one of the worst comedies of 2017.


What did you think of “Father Figures”? Comment below with your thoughts.

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